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Porto Heli is an easily accessible location, close to Athens. It used to be a fishing village, but now it’s a cosmopolitan destination attracting the best crowds, since it’s a majestic place combining the sea and the mountains. Quiet walks around the harbor, good food in little taverns, amazing beaches with clear water to swim or even dive at the ancient city of Alieis, close and distant excursions to Nafplio, the old capital of Greece, one of the most important archeological sites in Greece, Mycenae, and the ancient theater of Epidaurus, as well as several Greek Churches and Monasteries in majestic landscapes. Greece produces olive oil that is renowned throughout the world, the jewel in famous chefs’ kitchens. With Kalamata as the pioneer and other regions such as Argolida, Corinth and Ileia keeping close by, the Peloponnese is at the front lines of excellent olive oil production in the country. Stay at the AKS Hotels in Porto Heli will offer the opportunity to explore the olive groves of the area, to learn how olive oil is made in the presses, but also to personally see and feel the fertile grounds and favorable climate that allow the production of low acidity extra virgin olive oil.

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